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I'm Allison.  I've been writing and designing for a variety of organizations, businesses, and individuals for more than 30 years now. I love meaningful causes and helping others so a bulk of those years has been in the non-profit arena.  I bring the unique combination of being able to write solid copy for brand identity, corporate communications, and a wide range of marketing materials, plus I design pieces that grab attention and entice calls to action -- a two-in-one person, so to speak.  In addition, I love art and animals, particularly when it comes to watercolor painting, so be sure to check out my pieces on the Custom Art page. Thank you so much for getting to know me here. I look forward to meeting you, too. 


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My Story

I love my career and helping businesses and organizations reach new heights in their industries. I take great pride in seeing so many important projects through -- from insightful brainstorming sessions to successful outcomes. But I'm most grateful for the life-script that got me to this point. I grew up in North Tonawanda, New York, a 'burb perched between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. I left there after graduation for the University of Iowa, made my way to Wisconsin, got married, and have been here ever since.  My husband and I welcomed a beautiful daughter to our family in 1996. When she turned two years old, we learned she had leukemia and needed an immediate bone-marrow transplant. After a rough several years, we fell into a much healthier life, but one that still manages the effects of childhood cancer. Our daughter has both physical and cognitive disabilities that do present some challenges, but don't affect her inspiring spirit. She is incredibly courageous, has a wicked sense of humor, tells the best stories, loves coffee/works in a wonderful local coffee shop, and is impressively creative. She's been a big part of my path into non-profit work, and the fuel for continuing my art.

So that's about it: just the three of us in Sun Prairie, WI, enjoying each other and our big, beautiful Bernedoodle, cherishing quality family time, laughing, and teasing each other whenever we can.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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