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I love art - viewing it, creating it.  As a young girl I doodled and drew as often as I could, and focused on art in high school.  I also love words, language, writing, and story-telling, so the road to college directed me to an English and journalism major. But throughout the years I've continually worked on various art projects, from pottery to mosaics, to painting. It wasn't until my daughter and I were invited to display art at our local coffeeshop that I rediscovered a passion.
During the pandemic I took an online watercolor class featuring pet portraits and I was hooked. (I mean, just look at
those irresistible faces!!)  
Click on an image to scroll through. And give me a call for that special hand-made gift!

Click on image to scroll through samples.

Pet Portraits

Watercolor Portraits Pricing

(one pet on watercolor paper/no framing)


(That's about the cost of one bag of large-breed dog food but is guaranteed to last much longer!)

(add $20.00 for two pets in one 8x8 painting or requests for additions to the standard pet portrait of face and shoulders, like costumes/clothing.)

9x12..................... $75  
(one pet on watercolor paper/no framing)

11x14................ $125  
(one pet on watercolor paper/no framing)

Other sizes available, smaller and larger.

Please indicate on booking form.

SUBMITTING PHOTOS: the best reference photos make the best portraits, click here. 

Windows & Walls

Whether a holiday or special event, window painting is a fun way to attract attention to your business!


Please email or call with inquiries.

*Window design inspiration and guidance from  talented friends at The Graphic Garden.

Holiday pieces, home decor,

gift tags, ornaments!


Please email or call with inquiries.

Other Art

Art Projects

Chalkboard art, window art,
sandwich board or public art...


Please email or call with inquiries.

Let's Discuss 
Your Next Project

Email me today for a quote!

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