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Your Pet Portrait Order

**Every effort will be made to complete your portrait by your selected date.
     If there is a waiting list that affects your deadline, you'll be notified immediately. Thank you!


Portrait size and price:

Will confirm size and price in email followup.


PHOTOS: For help in selecting the best photo, click here

Please check your photos before attaching: look for clear eyes and facial features. Blurry photos will not produce an accurate portrait. 

Please upload your photo(s) here, or if you prefer, email your photo(s) to:

PAYMENT: Please make your payment on Venmo: @Allison-Hokinson

If you don't have access to Venmo, please reach out at to arrange other payment options.

Portraits will be mailed once order is paid.

TERMS: Typically pieces are completed in order of received and mailed within two weeks of order receipt.  Portrait will be shipped once payment is received. In the event of a waiting list, clients will be advised immediately of approximate date of delivery, or if selected due date is not achievable because of order queue.)

Upload photo here
allison venmo.jpg


PLEASE NOTE:  If you DO NOT get a reply upon hitting PLACE ORDER that says Thank you for your Order, your order has not been placed. If you're having trouble ordering, and have not heard back from me within one day about your order, please reach out in email to ensure your order was received.  Thank you!

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